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ALOE VERA : A.C.Story Aloe vera intence soothing gell 300ml

6 Free : Paraven Free, Benzophenone Free, Pigment Free, Animal material Free, Mineral oil Free, Steroid Free


By using nature aloe(contain Aloe vera leaves extract 95%), its skin soothing effect is extreme and

it helps moisturizing skin. Its hyarulonic acid make your skin keep moist.


Aloe soothing gel didn't contain the pernicious ingredients (6 Free).

Fresh feelings of using and fast absorbing help keeping your skin moist without sticky feeling.

You can use it not only facial but whole body.


- Direction : Rub frequently on your facial skin or body when you feel dried

- Capacity : 300ml

- Main property : Aloe vera leaves juice 95%


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