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Make up rush B.B cream 45ml

BB cream which has natural vegetability extract for sensitive and mattered skin

Recommending to you

_ who have hard time when make up because of sensitive skin
_ who couldn’t use B.B cream because of variety skin trouble
_ who always should carry oilpaper because of oily skin
_ who wants to show natural, bright skin

How to use

apply reasonable amount for natural cover and skin protection after basic step, and pat skin until it colored same as your own skin
Ingredient : Arbutin, Allantoin, Ginkgo leaf extract, Green tea extract, Aloe extract, Portulaca oleracea extract, Vit-C derivative, Amino acid-complex, Ceramide-3, etc

Main ingredient & feature

1st step
Pores&Sebum care : flora extract for caring pores and sebum, Sophora flavescens/Grape fruit extract/ Portulaca oleracea support sebum control
2nd step
skin recovery : Vita-c derivative, Amino acid-complex, Allantoin, Green tea extract, Ginkgo leaf help aged and damaged skin to recover.
3rd step
the core of whitening, Arbutin, Sophora flavescens, Japanese bead tree, Lavender flower make bright skin tone.
4th step
moisturizing, softness : Mineral oil, grape fruit leaf, ginkgo lead supply moist and keep skin soft


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