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Point & facial make up remover 150ml

- As a lotion type remover, this smart and mild make up remover softly remove not only facial make up but also colorful point make up.
- Mild point and facial remover : wipe up along skin texture around eye and mouth, even thick point make up will be removed without stimulus.
- Mild & skin protection : including fresh tea tree aroma oil, this remover protect your skin and you feel relax when cleansing.
- Composing with water-soluble elements and flora elements : it composed the elements which doesn’t give any stimulus around eyes and enlarge moist to skin.
- Strengthening elastic, whitening and absorbing effect : Including Allantoin which have anti-inflammatory effects and rice bran extract, when you cleanse skin, it relief decreasing elasticity and Japanese apricot extract and papaya extract keep your skin bright and smooth.

- Features and effects : heyzen point&facial make up remover make skin clean and moist with mild elements.
- It removes colored make up, eyeliner, mascara softy and clean way.
- Facial products such as B.B cream, foundation and waterproof items are removed clearly.
- Even yellow sandy dust, micro dust which blocked skin pores is removed without stimulus.


- Tea tree aroma oil : The origin of this tree is Australia and it grow wild in the state of New South Wales. It is almost 6cm tall. It usually grows at swampy ground and has strong vital power so it’s easily bred even remove the stalk. This is one kind of herb which purify the air.
- Portulaca oleracea extract : Portulaca oleracea has an effect on alleviation of fever, detoxification, and hemostasis, so uses for shigellosis, boil, hemorrhoids, cervical lymphadenitis, eczema, lerkorrhea and vaginal bleeding. As a medical action, it is reported that antibacterial function, intestinal canal peristaltic motion following from strengthening of uterine smooth muscle contractile force, diuretic effect.
- Japanese apricot extract : As an alkaline fruit, Japanese apricot has an effect on fatigue recovery and radical reform. It is good at constipation and skin beauty, its strong acidity works for sterilizing action. These days, it’s known as anticancer foods.
- Papaya extract : as an moisture energy supplier, it supports vitalization energy and prevents water loss of skin and vital element which is extracted from papaya makes skin beautiful and fresh.
- Rice bran
- Allantoin
- Panthenol
- Hyaluronic acid
- Tocopherol acetate


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