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Control regeneration cream 50ml

- Easing scar!
- Intensive moisturizing, elastic, nutrition control
- Easing a troubled sink’s scar
- Rapid skin regeneration after dermatology treat
- Rapid regenerating of ceratoid layer and damaged skin
- For easing a redness skin
- Easing scar : Cream ease scar such as red and brown mark made by trouble, and ease the skin color.
- Controlling skin balance of oil and moisture : It controls a balance of troubled, acne, sensitive skin which easily becomes unbalance of oil and moisture and increases moisture and elastic to rough skin.
- Recovering the skin elasticity : You can keep soft and smooth skin by eliminating rough dead skin and managing the drooping skin.
- Creating a protective layers : By helping to create natural protective layers, your skin will be kept moisture and be protected from external condition. The layers enlarge the skin’s level of immunity and protect skin troubles.

Major element
Tea tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Camomile, Ceramide, Grapefruit extract, Green tea extract, Sophora flavescens, Papaya, etc
- Tea tree leaf : sedating trouble, preventing trouble causing
- Allantoin : astriction effect, increasing elastic
- Green tea extract : sedating skin, full of vitality skin.
- Camomile : skin vitalizing, suppression bacteria growth
- Grapefuit extract : sedating skin, recovering trouble
- Naiacinamide : easing the skin trouble, recovering the skin

Recommending to you
- who have rough skin with a pimple, a skin problem because of make-up and moreover
- who suffers from acne
- who suffers from skin itching

How to use
After tidying up skin after washed skin with toner, spread spot on troubled area with finger or cotton swab and finish with serum and emulsion.

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