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Natural Creamy Form 120ml
Forget your skin problem with clean washing

- Sedating the Skin troubles
- Controlling the sebum and the pores
- Containing the tea-tree, the Allantoin and the orchid extract
- Removing the various skin wastes
- Sedating the skin troubles
- Recovering the skin elasticity
- Creating a protective skin layer

Recommending to you
_ who never has been felt refreshed even after several face washing
_ who have rough skin with a pimple and a skin problem because of regular make-up and moreover
_ who have large pores
_ who suffers from dead skin cell and who didn't take make-up well
- Forget your skin problem with clean facial washing, Sedating skin trouble without skin hauling

Removing a various skin wastes
Soft forming bubbles and refreshed feeling is the best character of this product. This form manages your skin with eliminating the skin wastes.

Sedating a skin problem
Revitalization of tea-tree extract blocks bacteria and makes your skin milky-white by sedating your skin and easing the redness of skin.

Recovering the skin elasticity
You can keep soft and smooth skin by eliminating rough dead skin and managing the drooping skin.

Creating a protective layers
By helping to create natural protective layers, your skin will be kept moisture and be protected from polluted condition. The layers enlarge skin's level of immunity and protect skin troubles.
Principal ingredient
Tea-tree, Trehalous, Allantoin, Niacinamide, Sophora Flavescens extract, Orchid extract, Green tea extract, Ceramide, Papaya extract, etc.
- Tea-tree leaf : Seducing a skin trouble, intercepting a trouble causal bacteria
- Allantoin : Astringent effect, Enlarging the skin elasticity
- Orchid extract : Easing the swollen face, Enlarging the skin elasticity
- Ceramide : Creating skin watering layers, Easing the dead skin layers
- Trehalous : Antiaging effect, Enhancing the moisturisure
- Naiacinamide : Easing the skin trouble, Recovering the skin

How to use
Take a proper amount of contents and make abundant bubble, and then massage your face with bubble. Wash up with tepid water and finish the washing process with cold water.

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