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Pores healing pack
Skin redness, pimples, skin trouble, pores, blackhead, Let them go to sleep with the only pack!
- Don't use any product for your valuable skin
- Large pores, excess sebum, blackhead, sensitive skin, go away!
- Included tea tree, lavender
- Good for troubled sensitive skin
- Pores healing pack 120ml

Recommending to you
_ who couldn't have smooth skin with large pores
_ who always carry oilpaper cause of exceed sebum
_ who shrink from making face up cause of rough skin
_ who have serious red skin

Intensive control of pores & sebum!
- Removing sebum! Tightening pores! Sedating trouble!
- Adsorptive power of wastes : natural clay elements such as Kaoline, Bentonite absorb wastes and blackhead in pores, protect over producing of sebum and help to keep clean, smooth skin
- Sedating and protecting skin trouble : tea tree cut off causing bacteria of skin trouble, so help skin to sedate and protect from trouble. Also, it makes skin redness calm.
- Pores tightening effect : Herb extract such as tea tree, camomile, sophora flavescens, rosemary astrict large pores and tightening effect controls sebum discharged areas.
- Romoving callus and moisturizing effect : As an wash-off type pack, when you wash up after the pack drying, there is no dried feeling of skin and it isn't greasy so you can wash up with clean feeling. Also, your skin can be kept smooth and moist after washing thanks to removing callus and moisturizing effect, so protect skin darkness and keep skin brightly.
Major element
Tea tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Camomile, Ceramide, Grape fruit extract, Kaolin, Bentonite, etc
- Tea tree leaf : Sedating troubled skin, intercepting trouble causing bacteria
- Allantoin : Astriction effect, Enlarging elastic
- Green tea extract : Sedating skin, Vitalizing skin
- Bentonite : Sebum absorption, Natural mineral
- Grape fruit extract: Sedating skin, Protect skin trouble
- Niacinamide : Sedating skin, Recovering skin

How to use
Apply optimal amount of pack your face and pat, after using pores healing toner.
- Take-off type pack is not only painful but also stimulant for skin, so it's not good for sensitive and troubled skin. Pores healing pack is wash-off type so after washing, dried feeling is less than others. Even you don't have to apply separate moisturizing cream.
- Perfect removing sebum! Perfect tightening pores! You can experience great effect by regularly applying the pack 2 to 3 times a week.
- Sometimes you might have stinging feeling but this caused from anti-inflammatory effect, so don't worry. After using pack, the area where there was bacteria caused skin trouble is sedated and that stinging feeling is less than first time. After these bacteria are healing perfectly, you never feel stinging.

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